YLAT staff and alumni have published a series of reports to help other states effectively work in partnership with youth in their care to improve the lives of more youth in care and to help youth develop leadership skills.

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YLAT:  An Innovative Approach to Systems Improvement
Amid comprehensive system reforms, the presence of YLAT has been a guiding force, a clear voice and a motivation to continue the urgent effort. This paper explores the YLAT model, describing the principles, activities, results and challenges Maine has faced in creating and sustaining this innovative approach.

2007 CFSR Toolkit for Youth Involvement
The Child and Family Service Review (CFSR) Toolkit for Youth Involvement provides important information on how to prepare youth and adults to work in partnership to improve the nations child welfare system. The toolkit promotes youth involvement in the CFSR process and delineates the ways youth can be more effectively engaged when evaluating child welfare services. The toolkit is available in print form with digital files or as a web document that will be regularly updated with best practice information from the field.

Influencing public policy in your state:  A guide for youth in care
This book was put together to help youth advocate for better policies. It offers straightforward advice and practical strategies on topics ranging from coalition building to public speaking to help youth become more effective in shaping public policy.

Partnering with Youth: Involving Youth in Child Welfare Training and Curriculum Development
This publication is a guide book for trainers, administrators and practitioners on how to engage youth in the child welfare system as speakers, presenters, and partners in curriculum design and delivery. This publication was made possible by the Children’s Bureau, Administration on Children, Youth and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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