Transition Workers

There are Youth Transition workers for every District of the state. Their job is to be part of the team to help youth navigate family and community connections and to gain the knowledge and skills. Your Youth Transition Worker is an additional support person and member of your family team.

Dulcey Laberge
Youth Transition Specialist
DHHS Central Office, Augusta

David Girard
Youth Transition Worker
DHHS Biddeford/Sanford
District 1 – Biddeford YLAT
207-286-2499 OR 1-800-322-1919

Pamela Goodwin
Youth Transition Worker
DHHS Portland
District 2 – Portland YLAT
207-822-2256 OR 1-800-482-7520

Loretta Larrabee
Youth Transition Worker
DHHS Lewiston
District 3 – Lewsiton YLAT
207-795-4687 OR 1-800-482-7517

Chris Hunninghaus
Youth Transition Worker
DHHS Rockland
District 4 – Rockland YLAT
207-596-4348 OR 1-800-432-7802

Tammy Richardson
Youth Transition Worker
DHHS Augusta
District 5 Augusta/Skowhegan YLAT
207-624-5573 OR 1-800-452-1926

Amie Howard
Youth Transition Worker
DHHS Bangor & Downeast
District 6 and 7 – Bangor and Downeast YLAT
Bangor: 207-561-4288 OR 1-800-432-7825
Downeast: 207-667-1637 OR 1-800-432-7823

Angela DeLong
Youth Transition Worker
DHHS Houlton & Caribou
District 8 – Houlton & Caribou YLAT
207-532-5105 OR 1-800-452-1926

"It's really done a lot. Being a part of YLAT makes you feel stronger; knowing you're making a difference makes you feel good about yourself." - YLAT Member