24th Annual Teen Conference, June 26, 2014. University of Maine, Orono Come join in the fun! Workshops will include: Financial Literacy, Work Readiness, and Strategic Sharing!

LD 1683: “An Act To Improve Degree and Career Attainment for Former Foster Children"
YLAT members recently presented testimony to the Legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee in support of LD 1683. This bill would extend the V-9 (Voluntary Extended Support Agreement) to age 26 so youth can better achieve their goals!
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The Costs of Doing Nothing

Research shows how more young people today are in need of continued support well into their mid-20's. The extension of the V-9 to age 26 would help create better pathways to success for youth transitioning out of foster care.

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Community Conversations Fall 2013

Community Conversations

YLAT's youth leaders, foster care alumni and their respective family members are leading Community Conversations about supporting permanent family connections for youth who are transitioning from foster care to young adulthood.

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YLAT is committed to creating comfort, safety and opportunity for all youth in foster care! AND WE HAVE FUN DOING IT, Join us at a meeting in your area! View Calendar

Answers Handbook

A handbook for youth by youth in foster care: The Answers Handbook serves as a guide to youth and adults, addressing many of the issues and questions that youth may have about the foster care system.

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Get Health Care Coverage FREE!

Receive MaineCare up to age 26, if you are under 26 and were in foster care and on MaineCare (Medicaid) when you turned 18 or on V9 status,then you qualify again for MaineCare starting on January 1, 2014 and can apply now.

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