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“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written” – Melody Beattie

YLAT’s statewide activities engage youth in supporting one another, advocating for change and educating the child welfare system.  These activities include YLAT meetings, community service, advising policy makers, and public speaking events.


Throughout each YLAT year, young people are offered the opportunity to attend a variety of training to deepen their skills and increase their knowledge in the areas of public speaking, sharing their stories, and advocacy. YLAT works closely with OCFS’s Transition Specialists to identify the training and skill building topics to focus on each year.

In YLAT meetings, youth come together, have FUN, learn leadership, problem-solving, and advocacy skills, and build their portfolio of accomplishments.  Check out the YLAT Meeting Calendar to learn more and get involved.


Public Speaking and Public Policy

YLAT members educate people about youth in care and advise policymakers on topics that are important to youth in care.  These topics include improving programs, giving youth a voice in decisions about their lives, keeping siblings connected, and strengthening outcomes for all young people in foster care.

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