College Supports

Are you thinking about college as your next step? Find out what type of financial help is available to you in our College Supports at a Glance document which outlines help that is available to a lot of situations including permanency guardianship, youth who have been adopted, and youth who are currently in care!

Maine Tuition Waiver Program:

If you are thinking about attending college you’ll want to check out the Tuition Waiver program. Through the Finance Authority of Maine (FAME), 30 waivers are offered and awarded on a competitive basis. This means that for recipients of the waiver, the cost of tuition for State of Maine System schools and the Maine Maritime Academy will be waived. To be eligible, you must be a resident of Maine and must have been accepted into the school you plan to attend at the time of application.


The Tuition Waiver is available for youth who(s):

  • Were in foster care when they graduated from high school or obtained their GED.

  • Were adopted from foster care or entered permanent guardianship through DHHS.

  • Parent or guardian currently receives an adoption or permanent guardianship subsidy with DHHS.

The waivers are awarded on a first-come basis and all applications are due in February. Past recipients are prioritized each year but need to submit their application on the deadline as well. For more information visit the FAME website.

Alumni Transition Grant Program (ATGP):

Beginning January 2015, the DHHS Alumni Transition Grant Program (ATGP) will provide financial assistance and support to eligible young people who aged out of foster care to complete his or her post-secondary education (Associates Degree, Bachelors Degree, Accredited Job Training Program). Grants will be awarded to forty (40) students each academic school year.

To apply, complete this application, following the instructions found on the form.

IMPORTANT: Applications are reviewed and financial awards are granted per semester (Fall-Spring-Summer). Apply anytime to receive aid towards your next step to a post-secondary degree!

An eligible individual must have:

  • Been in Maine’s foster care system at age 18.

  • Exited Maine’s Voluntary Extended Care and Support (V9) Agreement at age 21.

  • Been enrolled in a postsecondary education program when the V9 ended at age 21.

  • Not yet attained his or her 27th birthday

For more information about the ATGP, you can review this informational handout.