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Annual Awards

Each year we take the time to recognize people for their outstanding leadership and accomplishments. These awards recognize alumni from and youth in foster care, friends of youth in care, and artists. If you know of someone deserving, please let us know!

Annual Awards
  • Brad Levesque Youth Leadership Award: Since 2000, The Brad Levesque Youth Leadership Award is given to a young person in care who demonstrates great leadership and meets the other criteria that Brad helped to develop.

  • Foster Care Alumni Award: Each year, we recognize an alumnus of foster care for their ongoing commitment to making a positive change in the child welfare system.

  • Friend of Youth in Care Award: Contributions can be small or large, public or private. This award started in 1994 and is given to someone or an agency that is doing great things on behalf of youth in foster care. This award is nominated and determined in YLAT meetings.

  • Creative Arts Award:  2014 and 2015 YLAT introduced the Creative Arts Award. Photography, Art, and Poetry were the highlighted arts by youth and alumni. Both years YLAT awarded alumnus of foster care and youth currently in the Maine foster care system as winners in our Creative Arts contest.

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