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Brad Levesque Youth Leadership Award


On May 25, 1996, Brad Levesque passed away after battling cancer for several years. Brad spent many of his teen years in foster care, all while fighting cancer. In his determination to not let cancer be his focus, Brad committed many of his years in care to help improve the lives of other teens in foster care.

Each year The Brad Levesque Youth Leadership Award will be given to a worthy youth or two in care who meet the criteria that Brad helped to develop…“Someone like me”, as Brad so aptly put it!

The recipient must be a youth in care between the ages of 15 and 21 who:
  1. Demonstrate active volunteer capacity (i.e. community service, teen conference planning, etc.)

  2. Are interested in pursuing education beyond high school

  3. Maybe medically/physically challenged

  4. May have resided in group/residential programs

  5. May have participated in outdoor adventure programs

2019 Brad Levesque Youth Leadership Awardees
Christina Creedon

Christina Creedon

Christina has been active in YLAT for 5 years.  She has participated in panels for resource parent training, OCFS Staff trainings and Staff Meetings.   Christina uses the strategic sharing skills that she has learned from YLAT to help her tell others of her experiences in Foster care, both negative and positive.  Christina has volunteered with animals as mentors peers with medical and physical conditions.  Christina is responsible, always on time and ready to jump in to whatever YLAT activity she is at and with a smile and friendly attitude.   She has attended YLAT hikes, Bryant Pond, trips to Bradbury Mountain, and more.  Christina has most recently become employed bat Maine Medical Center assisting patients with transport and delivering meals to their rooms.  Christina loves working with others and helping others when they are in need.  Christina truly cherishes the experiences and opportunities YLAT has offered her.  She is a proud YLAT member and is eager to participate in whatever YLAT activities are offered each month.   She is a huge help whenever she is asked to pitch in with getting the room set up, cleaning up, and encouraging her peers to engage and be present.  She is kind-hearted and open to everyone she meets and always tries to make new YLAT members feel welcome.

Rewn Herald

Rewn Herald

Rewn is a newer YLAT member who has jumped in with tons of energy and enthusiasm to join this community and advocate on behalf of youth in care.  Rewn has embraced challenging opportunities including the Adoptive and Foster Families of Maine conference, the Judicial Symposium, and the Policy Summit.  At each event, Rewn had the chance to share pieces of their experience, offer their expertise to a wide array of audience members and give key wisdom.  Rewn has been accepted to the University of Maine in Presque Isle and was proactive in receiving the tuition waiver!  They are looking forward to majoring in Art and pursuing a career in Interior Design.  Rewn has an extremely positive spirit, a thoughtful outlook, a natural way of encouraging others, and a willingness to always try new things.

Past Brad Levesque Award Recipients:

2022: Alyson Mson & Josh Small · 2021: Julianna Morningstar & Genesis Edwards · 2020: Natalie Watson-Todd & Michael Brickle · 2019: Tiffani Melia & Morgan Beals · 2018: Anna Chabot & Sophia Dunton · 2017: Jason Mulvey & Gianna Gaudet · 2016: Jacob Hills & Alexander Buzzell · 2015: Tia Knowlton-Basford & Isabelle Goodrich · 2014: Chrystal Inman & Kyle Snyder · 2013: Tyneshia Wright & Stephanie Gerard · 2012: Mariah Trimble-Smith & Casey Smith · 2011: Joshua Calcia · 2010: Sylvia Little & Shannon Jacobson · 2009: Victoria “Torry” Bernard · 2008: Vanessa Bridge & Paula Burrows · 2007: Chanthy Like · 2006: Kala Clark & Ashley Keiran · 2005: Johanna Rhodes & Brystle Noble · 2004: William Lane & Roxanne Carpentier · 2003: Edward Schnopp · 2002: Crystal Castro · 2001: Maria Gordon & John Rutterford · 2000: Jennie Hinckley · 1999: Christina Irvine · 1998: Jay Dymond · 1997: Corey McLaughlin · 1996: Leticia Jacques · 1995: Wayne Johnson · 1994: Brad Levesque

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